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Kolorsource Toll Free 888-452-4946 Fax 800-238-1203

NEW! Skinmaster™ Duet does everything you want!

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Skinmaster-Freedom-on-cradle 1000wSkinmaster Effortless BeautyGood news if you're sick and tired of machines that are unreliable, unsafe or out of your budget.  Meet the SkinMaster™ Duet!  CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO
1.  You will love the Skinmaster family of machines. Let's talk about Duet, the Skinmaster CORDLESS Freedom model.  Here you see it in it's cradle that turns it on and off automatically.  The cord is optional and can be used to charge the battery or to run the machine. The battery lasts 4 hours on slow speeds and 2 hours on high speeds.  Charge until "green light" comes on, then remove.  Do not leave on charger overnight.
2.  Do BOTH Microneedling and Permanent Makeup with all of the Skinmaster Machines.
3.  BACKFLOW PROTECTION: The cartridges have a patent pending on the backflow prevention sleeve. This gives your client the protection they deserve. Click here to see Dr. Dixon's backflow test.
4.  Seven needle cartridges are available for your Skinmaster. Needle sizes: 1,3,5 point round, 4,6 flat for permanent makeup and 12 point for Microneedling.
5.  You can DIAL YOUR DEPTH for the needles right on the handle.  You'll soon learn what your favorite needle depths are.  The range designed is from 0-2.0mm needle depth.  You'll use .75-1.0mm a lot for both permanent makeup and microneedling.  I put it out a tad more for wrinkles.
6.  Choose your speed:  1-5 for most models and 10 for the Skinmaster 10 (which you don't need).
7. SkinMaster Duet with the Blue Ring: $1400.  I use this cordless version because it has a cradle that you put your handpiece into and the power shuts off immediately.  When you lift up the handpice to work, the machine starts right up.  Amazing.
Warranty: 1 year replacement warranty.  Motor: German.  Does not overheat.  Can use with cord or cordless.
Call 888-452-4946.  CLICK HERE for the 'BLUE RING' Skin Master DUET. We will call you back if we miss your call.  The cartridges are the same for all the Skinmaster units.  CLICK HERE FOR RED LIGHT used after microneedling to speed healing.


SkinMaster 3 Digital PMU Machine #935

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Skinmaster eyeliner Vo

Weighing in at just 1.4 oz., this SkinMaster™ 3 precision digital handpiece has 3-speeds and plenty of power for the 1,3 and 5 round needle and 4,6 FLAT cartridges. Dial your needle depth and choose your favorite speed for each procedure.  This is an ideal beginners machine at only $450 and comes complete with One-year warranty.  Patented single-use hygienic cartridges with no back-flow.


Meet the SkinMaster™ 5 Digital PMU/Microneedling machine #934

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Meet the new SkinMaster™ 5 Digital PMU + Microneedling handpiece.  Weight 2.2 oz. handpiece has power, control, dial-a-depth precision and 5-Power settings at the touch of a finger.  Patented cartridges feature "no back-flow" design at reasonable prices. The SkinMaster 5 is going to be your favorite machine for microneedling with the 12-point cartridge.  Plus you'll have the 1,3,5 round and 4,6 flat needles for Effortless Eyeliner, Powdered Brows, Lipcolor and Areola.  $750. Full year replacement warranty. German motor stays cool.  Click here for more information. 


Have it Your Way! SkinMaster™ 10 Digital PMU/Microneedling machine #933

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At last! SkinMaster™ 10 lets you do 2 jobs with one machine. It's true! Hygienic digital cartridges for Permanent Makeup AND Microneedling. Patented backflow prevention design.  10 Speed Unit: Top of the line. Needle cartridges for PMU and Microneedling.  Needle cartridges in 1,3, and 5 ROUND. 4 and 6 flat. 12 pt MICRONEEDLE (not shown). Read this section twice to realize all the benefits of this unit. Needle Packs of 15 are as follows:  #1: $55, #3 round: $65.00, #5 round $75.00, #4 FLAT $70.00, #6 flat $80.00.  For 25 each of the 12 point Microneedles: $300.  You can purchase needles in increment of 5 each if you wish. Two additional Models:Skinmaster 3 (1,3 and 5 round cartridges only) with 3 speeds and the Skinmaster 5 with 5 speeds (can use with all cartridges). 888/452-4946. *Also ask about the Cordless models.


New! "No Wobble" Tip for KP-96 Single Needle #932

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You can see the difference in the new KP-96 "No Wobble" Tip for the single, 1-point, needle. This tip is a perfect fit and guide for a single needle.  You can do precision work and the needle is steady... no side-to-side movement within an opening that is the perfect size!  Also for Bella® machines. NOTE: Smaller opening in TIP on Left compared to the Right.  With "No Wobble", you can do precision work with the KP Single needle.  You don't need "wiggle room" when doing permanent makeup; rather, you need to know exactly where the needle is at all times.  At last! The perfect fit tip is here.  10/pk.  CLICK HERE


MicroStroker™ 13 "Perfect Fit" Curved Microblading Needle-in-handle

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It's true!  You no longer need to worry about buying handles and needles separately for hairstrokes. Microblading was never so easy and effective as with the 2-in-1 MicroStroker™ 13 "Perfect Fit" needle. Single use, sterile tool with 13 perfectly sized and spaced needles on a curve.  The handle fits perfectly and securely in your hand to make hairstrokes at the perfect angle with very little pressure. Stroke upwards or downwards.  It's your choice.  Recommended by Dr. Dixon! Available single needle or 10 pack. Click here.


21 Essential Colors: Save 25%. Item 9170

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Keep everything you need within reach with these colors from Kolorsource™.  Whether you use a handtool or a machine, do microblading hairstrokes or Slope® needles for areolas, or need better colors for lips, save yourself time and money with this 25% discount on 21 vital colors.  You'll be glad you did.  [No substitutions please].  Item No 9170

Essentials Kit 21 is Perfect for Students or Professionals who want a complete color palette for permanent makekup.  This kit saves you 25% and includes these colors:Black Ice, Warm Smoke, Brunet, Dream NuBrown, Medium NuBrown, Pitch Black, Purple Suede, B2B Medium, B2B Dark, Neutral Flesh, Candy Apple, Kiss Me, Ruby, Baby Lips and Areola, Bubblegum, Camelot, NUDE, Profound Red 617, Amazing Natural Red 742, Stabrown 828 Dark Warm Brown; Stabrown 829 Medium Warm Brown.

CLICK HERE or call 888-452-4946.  If our lines are busy, just leave a message.  Thank you very much.


Pain Control for Permanent Makeup

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Dr. Dixon shares helpful information about how to make your clients comfortable during permanent makeup.  Here she speaks to women attending a permanent makeup seminar via the Internet.

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