Anti-Aging... naturally.

Look better and get back that youthful glow.  Stop wrinkles in their tracks. Smooth scars from acne.  Effectively rebuild collagen and restore your microcirculation the way Mother Nature intended. Use your own platelets and stem cells to turn back the clock. Microneedling is a safe, non-surgical and non-laser procedure perfected over the past 20 years. Microneedles penetrate your skin to help wrinkles, acne, scars and even some aging brown spots and stretch marks.


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Precision Microneedling

You have complete confidence and control with the Dermatude™ Touch Pad.  You can regulate speed with the touch of a finger.  The handpiece lets you effortlessly "dial-the-depth" of your needles for each zone of the face.  Hygienic cartridges twist into place and provide the safety your clients need as well as the choice of precision tips for everything from the most stubborn wrinkle to embarrassing acne scars.  You can rely on the Dermatude™ for treatments with visible results!  Beauty with an attitude.


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Patented Floating Head

Makes Quick Work of Fine Lines and Wrinkles

This gentle head is the choice of estheticians for use with Hyaluronic Acid for overall skincare.  And you'll love the 18-Pointer for use over bony surfaces, especially in the glabellar and peri-orbital areas in conjunction with your Botox® injections.  Be sure to get some Wrinkle Serum™ to maintain muscle relaxation too!


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Protect your skin

So it can protect you

Our skin not only helps us look better, it actually protects us from excessive sun, heat, cold, injury and the environment.  You can protect it with Microneedling and keep the benefits going with Wrinkle Serum.  Microneedling is a wise investment to keep your skin more youthful.  Botox® helps prevent wrinkles but Microneedling helps plump up your skin from changes so common with aging.


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Dixon Microneedling Zones

Focus on Area that Needs Attention

Because we are each unique and age differently, Dr. Dixon has helped Microneedling professionals focus their efforts on various zones in the face, neck and hands.  You can see the Zones where you need more attention and microneedling can be applied to those areas.  You will need at least 2-3 treatments per zone.  The average cost is about $99 per zone.  Photographs at each session help track your progress.  It takes from 4-6 months to see improvement and it jut keeps getting better with more treatments.  Invest in yourself today!

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Formulated by a doctor and a cosmetic chemist, WRINKLE SERUM™ goes into your skin to the precise level needed to work.  It relaxes muscles, a Botox® type effect, enhances microcirculation needed for healthy skin tone and color, repairs or scavenges damaged DNA from the sun, refines fine lines and wrinkles and brightens your skin.  This serum is a result of the newly discovered "peptides" as well as NATURAL, botannical ingredients that work together to help you look as good as you feel, at any age.


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"Microneedling is a proven way of turning back the clock on wrinkles and helping smooth acne scars.  Your own body, stimulated by fine needles, renews itself from the inside out. Nothing could be so natural yet so effective."

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